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moon child. by sugarmints

What I really like about this pictue is how the leaves of the trees, although leaves taken off by the wind, are so pale they look like ...

David Kawena - MADONNA Sorry Poster by davidkawena

Intrestingly enough the style reminds me of the airbrush paintings of the 80-90s painted on trucks and attraction tours. It gives a ret...

Skyrim OC - Laine by Ay-u
by Ay-u

Overall, it's a sketch which shows that you have mastered (or are on the way to, I'm not a professional artist mind you ^^) the basics ...

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Sholai having shot a servile by POLANDPACT
Sholai having shot a servile
Introduced to the Shapers by the Sholai, the crossbow combines the very best of ranged weaponry; a silent, precise armour peircing weapon. The Sholai were so lethal with one that they used it all the time, despite the time it took too reload (a minute or so- instead of the ten second and half it takes to rechage a thorn baton.). Such a weapon helped understand how the Sholai were so successful in securing the laboratories left by the Shapers on Sucia isle, or how a lone Sholai could kill a Drayk. Serviles of Sucia isle were easy victims to these weapons which have since then acquired a very bad reputation: they are considered to be a cowards' weapon. Such weapons were either used as ranged weapon for infantry against heavily armoires foes or built to be huge seige weapons. Some of these huge weapons of war were used by the Sholai on Sucia isle.
A herd at crumbling docks by POLANDPACT
A herd at crumbling docks
Ornks. A hardy creature created to succeed in places where traditional livestock would fail to adapt and die, these mammals are a hardy lot. Ornks are known to root out tubers should water be scarce and survive a month without water. They are capable of surviving on slimes, cacti, bark, moss and lichen. In some cases ornks will eat meat or forage trash to supplement their diets with whatever they need. Their preferred food however are leaves, grass, vegetables and well watered fruit. Aside their generalist feeding habits ornks come in variety of sizes. The Shapers will them to grow up from being as small as a deer mouse or as big as a rhinoceros. They are known to vary in brain structure, which depends heavily upon the diet of the parents or the whim of the Shapers.
Sholai chess by POLANDPACT
Sholai chess
Like any ordinary game of chess, the Sholai have a board set with 40 pieces (20 for each player) traditionally craved in ivory or wood. The board peices have a king, a vizir with a medallion or neckless (or queen), two schools or temples (bishops), two companions (knights), pawns and ships (rook). Playing chess for the Sholai is considered in some cases as a form of prayer.
Hunting rogues. by POLANDPACT
Hunting rogues.
The Sholai are described to be a people used to deal with an unforgiving climate and with a dangerous fauna. Although the Shapers' creations can be seen as the ultimate weapon of war on the open battlefield, bands of Sholai are known to make sport of even the most ferocious of creations aided by magical weaponry such as echanted lances and the simple composite bow. Most troop detachment carries between one to four great eagles which help them in their fighting. The Sholai eagles, though a little larger then the eagles found on the mainland, were known to take down roamers, vlish, the ten feet tall battle alphas, thahds, artilas, augmented Fyoras and even juvenile Drayks.
The neckless and the Drayk. by POLANDPACT
The neckless and the Drayk.
Andras buying his way into Gottesch's temple by offering gold and a neckless (dripping with a powerfull sleeping drug) to the greedy Rhakkus.


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